Pirate Festival

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The Key Largo Pirate Festival at

Bayside Grille

Come by Land or Sea
Latitude 25.093011
Longitude -80.442652

Headquarters for "The Northernmost Territories of the Conch Republic"

The Locals, Family Friendly Pirate Festival
A "Voices for Florida Keys Children" Charity Event
Saturday, October 24 2009
Starting at Noon
Pirate Ships on display till Sunday
Bayside Grille will be offering our food & beverage

Life Size Cardboard Pirate Shipbuilding Contest & Display
Instructions, fasteners and pics at:
Pull it, drive it, carry it. You can even float it at one of our Docks.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place trophies will be awarded
Ships must be on display at Bayside Grille by 10am Saturday morning and be on display till 5pm Sunday. Entrants are responsible for removal.

Bayside Grille will become a Pirate Encampment on this day. Pirate trinkets, prizes and toys for all the children. All of Bayside Grille will be decorated with Pirate & Northernmost Flags and all kinds of pirate displays.

Childrens Pirate Costume Contest

A Charity Event for:

"Voices for Florida Keys Children"
P.O. Box 2018
Islamorada, FL 33036

The Voices Story
In 1988 the organization as organized by a small group of people who recognized the need to provide financial support to children involved in the Monroe County Guardian ad Litem program. Initially the group filled in the gaps where the state did not have the resources to provide for all the needs of these children. With a strong desire to help, the group began meeting to discuss ways they could raise money and find other financial resources to enhance the work of the Guardians.

The organization was originally known as the Guardian ad Litem Guild. Eventually the group incorporated and the name was changed to "Voices for Florida Keys Children, Inc." commonly referred to as Voices. The organization is a registered IRS 501(3) non-profit corporation.

Initally "Voices" provided support for the basics in emergency situations; such as diapers and clothing for school, etc. Because a number of the "Voices" members were also Guardians, they recognized that the financial needs stretched way beyond diapers! The organization has quickly grown and now provides children through-out the Florida Keys with emergency medical, dental and mental health related services and with educationally related services such as tutoring.

Self-esteem is such a critical part of everyone's life (adult or child). "Voices" now provides financial support for opportunities that help the children build their social skills. Proper clothing for part-time jobs, summer camp experiences, after school programs, school trips-opportunities that other children and families take for granted.

OUR VISION: To help children involved in the Guardian ad Litem Program by, "Creating opportunities that will enhance, rebuild, and enrich the lives of abused, abandoned and neglected and homeless children in the Florida Keys to rebuild children's self-esteem, their hope, and their return to a normal life."

OUR MISSION: To assist the Guardian ad Litem Program in, "Representing abused, abandoned and neglected children in the Florida Keys by providing financial assistance for the accompanying health, educational related and social needs of children"

"VOICES" sets their goals:
" Provide volunteers to help the children
" Administer the Carol Parker Scholarship Fund
" Secure funding to pride for: "Children in need" emergency services-medical, clothing, mental health & counseling services. Also for Educational-related expenses and social needs of children for tutoring, summer camp, swim camp and after school programs.
" Increase community awareness and sensitivity to the needs of Florida Keys children.
" Promote community participation in fund raising.
" Provide a minimum of one personalized Christmas gift per child per year.
" Host an annual dinner to honor and pay tribute to the Guardian ad Litem volunteers.

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